Various Artists – Moon Station

VA - Moon Station

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dj Iris collected crystals of dark psychedelic trance and made first Moon Station compilation from it. Loaded with music for deep states, it was made to expand the consciousness and experience the inner side of psychedelic reality. Our music will make you look at our universe from inside and feel everything connected and balanced. International team of artists will guide you through unpredictable journey. Fresh and deep tunes from Ocelot, Overdream, Kraft, Red, Medea, Nyama, Aku Aku, Phobos & Deimos (N.O.M. & Narcosis duo), Space Shaman and morning bomb from Glooex, every track was many times tested on the dancefloor. This CD is delivered with amazing cover art from Ihtianderson and quality mastering from Manifold studio.

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  • xhEke

    Iris u did a very nice selection
    of very very killer artists!

    Demos sounds amazing! so
    album kick asssssssss!

    best wishes with new label and good luck!

  • Seraphim

    Aloha! Boom! The Phobos & Diemos track is astounding. The whole album cuts through the dumb shit and drives my being all the way home! Bravo.

  • Quasimodo

    Отличный диск.

    Отмечу для себя трэки Аарона и Родиона) Отличная музыка

  • Psydrahcir

    Wow, i think its the Best Compilation longtime ago, for real!!! I am not kidding!
    Thank you very much.Also Mastering. Nice,Nice,Nice….Best wishes from the Erzgebirge in Southestern Germany ;-)>

  • Avvanes

    Красота неописуемая!Bravo!Bravissimo!!!

  • Loshmi

    Sorry guys…Problems with money now and funny thing I ‘ve just downloaded it today before your message!!!Ocelot kicks ass with his unique style!!!Vot tak ta Pacani!!!!!

  • Loshmi

    Aku Aku!!!Just noticed him here (am just going to listen to downloaded stuff) That guy gives us very big hope that somewhere in space lives a small green allien….shit!?….what was that!???!!?!?!

  • Lsathranil

    Awesome compilation! Keep it up!

    Greetings from Denmark

  • Lsathranil

    I forgot to mention that I bought this from

    The choice of music is great and I hope to hear more like this…

  • spy

    Nice dudes, musics are cosmotic. Feel like I am in the space when I listean them. Keep it up!

  • Ancient Core

    great album!!! great music!! i love the “Overdream” track! :)

  • ChillRom

    very nice track sense!!this album every day hear.
    thanx for CD in RARETY@PIRATE’S BAR-Koh Phangan…
    from japanese man.

  • Somarobotics

    nice one, congratulations to all artist and label team!

  • NebKa

    Just bought it without hesitation, will definitively play it in my dj sets this summer … Everything is perfect …

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