dj Iris

dj Iris

dj Iris is owner and label manager of Moon Station Records. The real name Irina, lives in Saint-Petersburg (Russia). She always played music in best traditions of night time psychedelic trance.
Iris start djing at 2005 at Surgut town (Siberia), she became first psychedelic dj in a region. She actively participates at development of the psychedelic culture in this region with promo group “3 astronauts”. Than being a member of “SkyVision Promo” Iris played on tour in Russian and Ukranian cities.
At 2007 Iris moved to Saint-Petersburg and start make parties with Sun Station Records. Very soon she decided to open her label and run Moon Station. Since that time she made label parties and two psytrance compilations.
Now Iris are participant of most special events at Saint-Petersburg and Moscow like dj and working with new VA for her label.

dj Iris – Witch or Wizard (Promo-mix, 2008)


2008 promo-mix “Witch or Wizard”: download.
2009 VA – “Moon Station”.
2011 VA – “Chaotic Harmony”.
2012 VA – “Vajra and Lotus”.


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  • dolphin.dyatloff

    wonderfull and powerfull. was glad to hear this.

  • Jones

    Very nice and interesting set.. ? :)


  • Алекс

    Отличная музыка Продолжайте в том же духе

  • wider

    all written text is really true.
    approve it by my wide siberia partcipation in psytrance subculture at siberia.
    Iris is very good dj and complety deeply loving saiko sounds and atmosphere!
    heya my friend;)

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  • Niklas

    I just bought the new Chaotic Harmony compilation. Like Moon Station, this is an awesome compilation. Thanks to Iris for all the effort put into putting this together! Your mind is like my mind. Thank you to all involved in this great work!
    btw, I’m from Denmark and resident in Frederiksberg.

  • Tuxli

    Heya Iris
    Thank you for your invitation. In minimum, I madet an LIKE-Link on Facebook ;))))
    I hope for a big succesful for your music. (But I can’t listen your sound – the link is broken – or so…. )
    Best Greats from Switzerland
    Daniel (Angakkuq)

  • Anonymous

    Hey, Daniel! Thank you for your support! Try reach our music by this link:

  • Batzz

    Hello Iris, my name is Johnnie (Batzz) I have just recently heard your work and its amazing! Your newest release Chaotic Harmony blew my mind. Is it possible to get you to the United States to perform at a Psy-Fest on this side of the world? I have some friends that put on some amazing parties and they are always looking to get for amazing djs from accross the globe. I have heard that it is hard to get artists from your part of the world over here, but if it is possible i would love to hear back from you. Thank you. Blessings.
    contact information:

  • Nihil7

    deep mission & diaphanous conciousness…

  • Алексей Корогод

    сибирская ириска

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